Even Before Your Precious One is Born,

What is the Love that You can Give?

Educate Your Baby in the Womb,

Peaceful and Healthy, Your Child will Live!

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A Social Initiative by Omnio Future
If you are an EMBED PARENT/GRANDPARENT/FAMILY who wants to undertake Prenatal and Parinatal education for the little baby in your home... or waiting to come into your home... The process is simple.
Just follow the Video Posts given in the "EMBED CLASSES" page and start your activities!!! These classes are absolutly free... Learn More

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Start an OLC in your neighborhood. Working in the Eductaion field is a motivation for a lot of people. Currently many reforms and improvisations is the techniques of education are happening all around us. Education is considered as a noble profession all over the world, as well as a viable and stable (recession proof)career for sustaining oneself...
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