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Children are the future of the world ...... Parents create the next generation!


Parents are in a unique position with respect to children. They perform many roles – as Nourishers, Protectors, Coach, Friend and Educators. The roles seem to weave into each other making it a different experience for every parent based on time and circumstances.

Pressures of modern life leave parents in more difficult situations. What indeed is Parenting ? What should the parent do or not do ? Where to get meaningful guidance ? These are some of the many questions in the minds of parents. Not finding convincing answers parents seem to be driven to desperate situations during crises, along with their children. Surely there must be a method and better understanding possible.

This is where Omnio Future steps in – We Just Empower Parents !!! From the earliest stage of parenting (even before pregnancy) through all the life stages of Childhood into Adulthood. Omnio Future does this with a fine blend of Modern Sciences and Ancient Wisdom !

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Shivakumar Belavadi

Shivakumar Belavadi, fondly called Bababji is one of the mentors in Omnio Future. He is a full time Prenatal Educator and Counsellor. Many pregnant couples, parents, children and adults have attended seminars and programmes conducted by him.

Babaji has been associated with the foundation and activities which are inspired by Shivanetra lineage. He is a founder Trustee of Shivanetra Trust as well. He has been associated with the corporate world before beginning his journey with Shivanetra and Omnio Future movements. He is a member of APPAH [Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health]

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Sarmistha Mishra

Sarmistha Mishra, fondly called Seenu Maa is a Mentor at Omnio Future. She has been a Sujok practitioner and homemaker for a large part of her life. A seeker and explorer with her family , she has lived in Bhubaneshwar, Nasik, Hyderabad, Bangalore and some parts of the world.

She is an accomplished Energy Healer and has guided many pregnant women and their families during the course of pregnancy. She too is has been inspired by the teachings of Shivanetra lineage and has given seed to the Shivanetra Trust and Omnio Future activities.

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Shaiphali Goyal

She is a home maker a graduate in commerce from Jodhpur university.

“I am associated with Shivanetra from last 2 years. I have done Prenatal and Infancy courses and understood the importance of educating the child in the womb and infancy period.”

She is an active volunteer at Omnio Future and is involved with helping Pregnant women and prenatal/perinatal children.

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Jitendra Goyal

An engineer by profession, working in an MNC for last 20 years, Goyal ji is associated with Omnio Future and Shivanetra movements. The strength and value of Indian scriptures inspired him. “I realised that there is lot to learn and share in life. I have two kids. Specifically my association with Omnio Future has helped me understand Child Psychology better and inspired me to discuss and learn more and more about Parenting”.

Jitendra ji is a senior mentor in the Parenting programs of Omnio Future. He also an enthusiastic participant in spiritual, organizational and social causes.

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Ishita Datta

A Psychological Counselor for over 22years ! Working at a speciality clinic in Bangalore,catering to psychological conditions, mainly in children of various ages. A certified teacher of IB (International Baccalaureate) and a teacher of Psychology in an International school in Bangalore. Also a creative writer, painter and singer

“I have been also working as a counselor and soft skill trainer at hospitals, schools, corporates and also trained CBSE teachers in pedagogy and soft skills. I am an internationally certified Hypnotherapist using it for treating people with traumas, phobias and other chronic mental disorders. I Transactional Analysis specialist focusing on effective communication.”

Ishitaji is a senior mentor at Omnio Future working with Parents and Children. She is also keen on empowering pregnant women and couples. She is a member of APPAH [Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health]

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Tapas Datta

Tapasji retired after an illustrious career in Electronics and Engineering. Graduating from I.I.T. Kharagpur, with a B.Tech, and then a Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Notre Dame, USA, worked on Microprocessor designs (silicon chip design) for 24 years in USA and India, and brought very complex computer design technology to Bangalore in 1994, for the first time. Holds 4 US patents on innovations, academic papers and Computer design awards.

Tapasji has been greatly influenced by Swami Vivekananda' s philosophy, and pursued serious study of Indian spirituality and world religions and philosophies.
Since the last twenty years, Tapasji has been attending conferences on Consciousness Studies and studying multi-disciplinary subjects. He has been attending “Science and Non-duality (SAND)” and has presented a paper at SAND 2014, and attended “The Science of Consciousness” conferences.

Tapasji is a senior mentor at Omnio Future working with parents, children and adults focusing on Consciousness and Holistic knowledge. He is also a keen organizer.

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Priti Pinang Shah

Pritiji is a trained Graphologist graduating from IOGR (Institute of Graphological Research ). She is a Graduate in Commerce and a home maker in Surat, Gujarat.

“I have been groomed in the Shivanetra lineage and have undergone special training in prenatal concepts and imparting education to the child and parents- to-be. I have been personally guided into the knowledge and practices by my spiritual mentors”

Pritiji is a trained Prenatal Educator” and Spiritual Art Mentor. She runs Dhyanmudra in Surat which runs various programs in association with the Omnio Future.