Even Before Your Precious One is Born......What is the Love that You can Give?
Educate Your Baby in the Womb......Peaceful and Healthy, Your Child will Live!.


Prenatal Education is the stage from womb to cradle where the focus is on laying the foundation for the human being. Infant Education focuses on the earliest state of childhood from cradle to feet, where the focus is in laying the foundation to being human.

It is the second part of the foundation building of a human being. Infancy is the transition stage between the mothers’ womb to the material world. That is where the child is being nurtured in Mother Nature’s womb. Indeed, if prenatal education is akin to theory classes, then Infant education is definitely the practical side of it.

Learning in the womb of Mother Nature

Equipped with more than 100 billion neurons at birth, the human brain is said to be the most complex organ. At the stage of infancy, the brain is most active and has the highest potential of learning. There is an urgent need for Infant Learning and development programmes since this age group has much more potential than the opportunities presented.

Little babies develop internally and externally like the prenatal children. However, in the case of infants, parents can see and perceive the external changes. Adults (including parents) tend to get carried away by the overwhelming ‘cuteness’ of a baby’s external form and achievement of milestones like smiling, turning , crawling etc. . This, however, often leads to an unintended neglect of the internal facets of the baby.

Internal development expresses through external milestones. Internal development includes development of reasoning, emotional processing, conscious mind development, thinking structures, belief and value systems, self realisation and attachment bonding. External manifestations are physical, social, emotional and intellectual milestones, responsive behaviour, cognition and reactions etc. Omnio Infancy Programme educates and empowers parents to support and participate in the holistic development of their infant. It covers all aspects of internal development and guidelines to external expressions.

Learning potential of an infant

Babies are natural meditators,usually alternating in hypnotic-waking states with dominant delta/theta waves in their brains thus making them highly spiritual beings. A human baby is capable of learning multiple languages, math, music and arts. A human baby can invoke very high levels of emotions, social skills and thinking skills. Any positive stimulant given to a baby can be a platform for success as an adult and any negative stimulant causes permanent damage in all round development. Babies learn through subconscious and metaphysical methods.

Babies are Super Learners !!!

Features of Omnio Infancy Programmes

1. The classifications are : 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months and 18 to 24 months.

2. Participation of both the parents and caretakers in developmental programmes.

3. Periodical check on milestones and development.

4. Parenting programmes and counseling for new parents.

5. Guidelines on creating a positively stimulating environment.

6. Usage of age appropriate toys at home or at Omnio Learning centers.

7. Enhancing Self Concept supporting the growing “I” awareness of the infant.

8. Developing Language, Math, Music, Arts, Thinking Skills and Value education in infants through parents using educational tools.