Even Before Your Precious One is Born......What is the Love that You can Give?
Educate Your Baby in the Womb......Peaceful and Healthy, Your Child will Live!.


How does learning actually happen ? Learning happens when, the switch of the conscious mind is turned on, the switch of emotions is turned on and the switch of our Subconscious mind is turned on - and all of this is working automatically.

According to Ancient Wisdom, knowledge is already within us at the very deepest level. The most modern physicists also think that “All knowledge” is at the deepest, most sublime level of the Universe. When we become, at some level and through some process, aware of this knowledge - this is what is called “Learning”. The process of facilitating this learning is called “Education”. It is therefore only a matter of we becoming aware of that knowledge that exists within us.

So Learning can be seen as - a process through which, I become aware of - what I already am, what I already know. And to become aware of it, I just probably need to take off a peel of ignorance, since the packed up knowledge comes with a peel of ignorance. An ever growing peel. So I need a continuous faculty that keeps peeling it off. So I am constantly aware.


Quantum Physics teaches us that all material structures are actualizations of invisible forms. It shares this aspect with Einstein’s Relativity theory, which also places the essential reality in an invisible space; that is, the four-dimensional space-time. Quantum Theory says that this invisible form is actually a wave of infinite possibilities, and it is our Observation or “Consciousness” that actually collapses this wave into the reality that we see, feel, touch, hear and smell – into real things. So there is infinite possibility or potential waiting to be realized.

Quantum Learning therefore, points to that possibility - the potential, that which is our actual potential to learn! In this form, in this birth, the maximum potential that we can reach is a good thing to aim for. At the end of the day, that’s what we want for ourselves, for our children, for society. When that happens we reach a good place. We seem to have a natural feeling to go towards that perfection. Awakening the possibility of maximum absorption within you is what is called Quantum Learning.


One may awaken all the possibilities of learning inside oneself, such that one might learn from a street boy, or learn from a great book, or many other sources.

All the ancient Indian scriptures also have this. If you have to learn, you can learn from a dog as well. The point is – whether that light of learning inside you is awake or not. The process of awakening of that light of learning – is what we would call Quantum Learning Education. The younger the learner is, the more impressionable he or she is. This is why, during the nine months of pregnancy, the child can learn from the mother’s mind, while inside the womb. Quantum Learning starts there and the possibilities are enhanced. A continuous flow is happening from the mother to the child inside the womb, whether the mother wants it or not.

From the experience of parents whose babies have undergone this Quantum Learning process in the womb – they all acknowledge that their newborn baby is very different. But if you ask the parent – what is different? It is very difficult for the parent to explain. Later, when during the infancy years, the baby is learning milestones easily, they are very thrilled.

Our learning system is very well connected to our belief system, the Sanskrit word for it being “Shraddha” which enables true learning. Hence, it is this belief system – which exists in our subconscious mind that is affected during quantum learning in the womb. It is again affected at the infant stage, if the parent actively engages with the child using OLC Quantum Learning tools and techniques.


Another such example of connections to our belief system – is demonstrated in everyday life. Our immunity system is also connected to our belief system, just as our learning system is. This is why a mother doesn’t fall ill when she is tending to her children who are affected by a communicable disease such as flu. The same virus can attack two individuals at the same place and time, one falls ill and the other doesn’t. We attribute it to our immunity system. But according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a molecular biologist formerly at Stanford University in California, says “Our positive and negative beliefs not only impact our health but also every aspect of our life” (pg 112, Biology of Belief). Doctors who cure illnesses in patients using ‘placebo’ medicines, also know this.

Contrary to popular belief in society, genes are not programs that are irreversibly hard-coded into our body cells. The expression of genes and their ability to affect all bodily functions, changes throughout the life of a human being, according to factors like - beliefs, lifestyle, environment. This is what the latest findings of the new science of Epigenetics is finding.

Hence the more the quantum possibilities we discover, of living a healthy life, mentally and emotionally – the more are the chances of improving physical health.


Typically psychology and education are considered two different aspects. Psychology is about the state of the mind and education is application of intellect in the learning process. But our ancients thought that a holistic individual development would automatically encompass both psychology and education. Therefore this “Vedic Pedagogy” having its roots in ancient scriptures, develops the subconscious and conscious mind to a state such that it can receive and assimilate the information it receives externally with the inner knowledge.


At the Omnio Learning Center, the core of all our programs – is called “Oneness Curriculum”. This Curriculum is again based on - trying to elevate our human consciousness towards “SKANDA Consciousness”. Becoming aware of what we already are, in our conscious mind - that consciousness is called SKANDA Consciousness. The word “SKANDA” stands for Spiritual Knowledge Awakening Non-duality Affirmation. This is when a teacher and a student are involved in the process of Quantum Learning, and the teacher enables the “tripping” of a certain learning switch inside the student.

We know that Quantum is all about probability. If I am teaching you something, what determines the probability that you learn it ? Or you don’t learn it ? Is there a mechanism inside you, or a mechanism inside me, and is there a probability in between these two mechanisms ? When a teacher stands before a class of 30 students and teaches, there is a probability going on there, it is according to a probability algorithm that people are learning.

The Oneness Curriculum has four aspects of it – Core Concepts, Supportive Concepts, Communication and Transactions. There are a set of course modules in each of them. The combination of these four aspects is what a human being needs to learn in order to have holistic growth in his/her life.


Autodidactism is self-education, self-learning or self-teaching. It is the education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, an autodidact is an individual who chooses the subject they will study, their studying material and the studying rhythm and time. An autodidact may or may not have formal education, and their study may be either a complement or an alternative to it. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts. Influential autodidacts include Srinivas Ramanujan, Paramahansa Ramakrishna, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and others.

These days, parents are aware of the rote-learning that many standard school systems offer, and want to provide their children with a better system where they can do more independent work. Alternative schools, online courses and Open Universities with correspondence courses and online courses are a result of the society’s need to enable autodidactism.

However, successful self-teaching requires self-discipline and reflective capability. These are again tendencies that exist in the subconscious mind, and that need to be enabled at an early age.

The OLC-K10 system provides an environment and guidance where a child can go through the learning years of kindergarten to the tenth standard, appearing for exams from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) – such as OBE Level A, Level B and Level C and ultimately the NIOS 10th exam.

NIOS provides a number of Vocational, Life Enrichment and community oriented courses besides General and Academic Courses at Secondary and Senior Secondary level. It also offers Elementary level Courses through its Open Basic Education Programmes (OBE). The student is able to take courses of their choice, according to taste, aptitude and so on, instead of going through a mandatory curriculum. NIOS provides course material and OLC provides guidance and the environment consisting of “Secondary Science Kits” Laboratory equipment and other science toys and kits for hands-on learning by the child.

Omnio Future has woven all this offerings into a single, simple and accessible unit called “ Omnio Learning Centre” (OLC). All the programmes, courses and activities at OLC bear the essence of what Omnio Future stands for. The true blending of Modern Sciences and Ancient Wisdom is in visible action at OLCs.


For the benefit of adults who have a day-time career, or for college students who attend regular college during the day, OLC offers part time courses. These courses may run for three or four months, depending on the course schedule. Workshops – either two-day weekend workshops or longer workshops are announced and offered from time to time.