Even Before Your Precious One is Born......What is the Love that You can Give?
Educate Your Baby in the Womb......Peaceful and Healthy, Your Child will Live!.

Education and Empowerment In Preconception Stage

The Foundation to Parenting is made when a couple plan to have a child.Conscious Parenting begins with Awareness and Empowerment. You can make Conception a conscious process and not an accident of nature. This also results in a healthier pregnancy.

Look at it from the Child's view point - Who wouldn’t want to be invited? Here is a Golden opportunity for parents to actively invite that child!

The Basis of Preconception

What ancient wisdom has always stated, modern sciences are now confirming! Consciousness seems to prevail before birth and after death since it is Pure Energy which like all energy cannot be destroyed but can only Transform. When a couple intend to conceive a child, are they not attempting to transform a Universal energy into a Human form?

Effects of Preconception Education

We have witnessed many cases of conception resulting within a few weeks of beginning conscious practices!!! However, actual results are directly proportional to the faith and dedication of practitioners. Preconception and Prenatal bonding is known to bring a long lasting relationship with the child after birth.

Truly - Who would not want to truly create their 'own' baby?

How can you start?

For just 10-15 minutes a day, engage with simple exercises and activities of the workbooks. Combine it with a sincere purpose of wanting the child you choose. Just open the book and follow the instructions - it's that simple! If you still need help, contact us for Guidance Sessions.

When can you start ?

1. After marriage

2. When planning a family

3. Extension of family beyond the existing child/ren

4. For those undergoing assisted conception, the workbook activities supplement those efforts

Where can you practice?

The activities need no special preparation; you can do it in the comfort of your own house. The practices do not interfere with other daily activities/schedule you may have and can conveniently work around this.

Who can undertake Preconception Programmes?:

1. Couples planning a child or family extension

2. A Single parent desirous of a child

3. Grandparents who long for a grandchild!