Even Before Your Precious One is Born......What is the Love that You can Give?
Educate Your Baby in the Womb......Peaceful and Healthy, Your Child will Live!.


Pregnancy is a time of Blessings...a time of Grace...a time to prepare oneself to be equipped to handle the role of a parent that nature bestows us. Preconception period and the duration of pregnancy is a period of penance. A calm mind and meditative practice during pregnancy empowers a parent to:

  • * Impart Value education to the unborn child.
  • * Understand fetal psychology.
  • * Learn how to converse with your baby in the womb.
  • * Enhance brain development and skills like numerical ability and language skills in the baby.
  • * View pregnancy and conception as a spiritual process.
  • * Prepare oneself for the role of parenthood.
  • * Be a co-creator along with nature in the formation and the development of the baby.
  • * Keep emotions and anxieties under control.

Prenatal Education and Empowerment

A Prenatal Child is a powerful learner - endowed with superior abilities! This is when the organs, body, mind, feelings and tendencies are beginning to take shape in the unborn. Parents can influence and also participate in these creative processes!

What is made in the womb and infancy remains for the rest of life! You make your child's life!

Prenatal Education creates a powerful bond between child and parents. Parents have a chance to prenatally educate and empower their child and thus lay a strong foundation to their relationship. Parents, who have taken up serious practices in prenatal education, claim that their children seem to be better equipped intellectually, physically and emotionally.

This is an opportunity to be a Co-Creator!
Sow for 9 months and reap for a Life time !

Omnio Prenatal Package

Omnio Prenatal Package [OPP] is designed for the use of Parents when the mother is pregnant. It blends the knowledge of most Modern Sciences with Ancient Wisdom! It is simple to understand and do, but brings in a profound impact! Parents begin to Educate their child while it is still in the womb - isn’t that fantastic?

How can you start?

For just 15-20 minutes a day, engage with simple exercises and activities of the workbook. Combine it with a sincere purpose of wanting a prenatally educated and empowered child. Having an intellectual capability is not a prerequisite. Just open the book and follow the instructions - it's that simple! If you still need help, contact us for Guidance Sessions.

When can you start?

The practices in the book span the full 9 month period of pregnancy. Each month and each trimester have been carefully defined in the activities and exercises. Participants can start any time during the course of pregnancy, right to the last week. The practices can be continued after delivery too.

Where can you practice?

The activities need no special preparation; you can do it in the comfort of your own house. The practices do not interfere with other daily activities/schedule you may have and can conveniently work around this.

Who can undertake Prenatal Programmes?

1. Couples where the wife is pregnant

2. A Single parent - pregnant mother or father

3. Grandparents who look forward to their grandchild!

4. Extended Family Members or Siblings of the Child in the Womb!