Omnio Future offers empowerment Programmes to parents starting from the time they plan to have a child till the child reaches adolescence. Some of these programmes use props in the form of activity books, CDs and Journals which are also available as individual packages. These packages can enhance similar programmes and services and also make great gifts.

Unique Features of Omnio Future Packages

1. The activities in the packages are based upon ancient wisdom confirmed by the most modern sciences, yet their presentation is very simple and effective.

2. It is not a time consuming exercise. It demands 15 to 30 minutes a day and does not disturb the daily schedule of the practitioner.

3. There are no restrictions or conditions imposed on the practitioner. The only requisite is a clear and sincere intention and regularity in practice.

4. The packages come with extensive usage guides. Usage guidance videos are also provided online.

5. The user can approach an Omnio Mentor for direct guidance and has the option to take up extra guidance sessions if required.

6. Though they seem to be a one- time use package, they make a life time memoir for the parents and the child.

7. They enhance sense of well being and strengthen family bond.

Guidance sessions for omnio future package users

These sessions outline the various activities covered in the packages, their effects and usage instructions. For those who are unable to attend these sessions, online sessions can be arranged – either live or recorded. Detailed usage guide is included within the package.