A celebrated war hero, Abhimanyu’s life is as glorious as his heroic death. Omnio Future and Temple of Excellence welcomes you to explore the magic, truth and science of Abhimanyu’s Life.

Omnio Future blends ancient wisdom with modern sciences to help you learn:

  1. What really happened to Abhimanyu?
  2. Did he, indeed learn in the womb? How did this happen? Is it a possible scientific event?
  3. How did this learning play out in his life?
  4. What is a Chakravyuha and what is its significance in present time?
  5. How is the science of Vyuha in spiritual psychology, relevant to our lives in present times?
  6. Find out what is your Vyuha. What are the belief systems that you need to break out of and how can you do it? 

Speaker: Shri Shivakumar Belavadi – Pre & Perinatal Educator [PPNE], Heart Math Certified Trainer [HMCT], Certified Prenatal Psychologist, Founder of Shivanetra Trust & Omnio Future.


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