Invitation to Webinar for School Students titled  “Prenatal And Perinatal Education – What tomorrow’s parents must know !”

Date : Tuesday 22nd January 2019 between 10 AM and 12.30 PM

Omnio Future is pleased to invite your school for an Omnio Talk on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 captioned “Prenatal And Perinatal Education – What tomorrow’s parents must know !” .

The talks are a part of a social initiative whereby we are endeavouring to bring a very important awareness and knowledge to children at school. This will empower them at a critical age and time of their lives on some sensitive information which will be highly useful to them as they advance further in age. It has been internationally recognized that the seeds of knowledge sown in adolescent/puberty/teenage years manifest in the course of adulthood/parenthood, when it is used the most.

In this connection, we are giving you some background information which may be useful:

(a) Our organisation – OMNIO FUTURE

Omnio Future has been pioneering the empowerment of Children and Parents. The approach has been to blend the most modern sciences with ancient wisdom of the world. As we combine both, we have been able to touch the hearts of the audience and work a space for ourselves in their minds. Please visit our website for an appreciation of who we are and what we do !

(b) The Event – OMNIO TALKS

Omnio Talks are a medium of engagement with individuals and groups – be they children or parents. The format involves a direct approach with them – wherein a speaker of repute addresses on a highly relevant topic. As an example, the focus of the talk in November 2018 was Indic Education. The speakers who addressed the audience were – Sri Raj Vedam of Indian History Awareness and Research (IHAR) based in Houston, Texas and Sri Shivakumar Belavadi, mentor at Omnio Future. The talks were very well received by the audience and are available on our website.

(c)Prenatal and Perinatal Knowledge

Prenatal and Perinatal (PPN) Sciences have brought about significant changes in the understanding of how a baby in the womb behaves and develops. The knowledge which has emerged in the last 4 decades has indeed changed the dimensions of what mankind knew and practised for over a century! For instance, the new PPN sciences have established:

  • Much of the formation of the brain, neurological network and learning infrastructure in human beings – has already taken shape well before a child reaches a preschool !
  • A child growing in the womb is Sentient !
  • The child – in the in the course of Pregnancy and Infancy is endowed with fascinating and superior faculties, contrary to belief that the baby is helpless.
  • With all the faculties in place – a baby in the womb and infancy learns!
  • Parenting should therefore begin well before birth !
  • Active parenting in the early period of life helps in better – health, immunity, well-being, expanded learning abilities and adaptive social behaviour.

The facts are increasingly being understood in the world. WHO/United Nations in the approach document on Early Childhood Development have declared in May 2018 that – “We now understand that the period from pregnancy to age 3 is the most critical, when the brain grows faster than at any other time; 80% of a baby’s brain is formed by this age. For healthy brain development in these years, children need a safe, secure and loving environment, with the right nutrition and stimulation from their parents or caregivers. This is a window of opportunity to lay a foundation of health and well being whose benefits last a lifetime – and carry into the next generation.” Nurturing Care For Early Childhood Development – ( )

(d) Spreading PPN Awareness Knowledge

Organizations like APPPAH (The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, USA – and CEPPS (Childhood and Early Parenting Principles) have been at the forefront in bringing and spreading this knowledge across the world. Omnio Future has joined these organizations in India and helps in spreading awareness. We also run programs online and at the Omnio Learning Centres in India. This is an initiative to spread this knowledge amongst school children today who are the parents of tomorrow !

(e) Speakers on 22nd January

A group of eminent speakers will be addressing school children aged between 12 and 18 years on the role and relevance of prenatal and perinatal sciences for the parents-to-be ! They include :

  1. Sandra Bardsley: Chair of Outreach Committee and Past President of APPPAH, USA
  2. Barbara Decker: Member of the Board, APPPAH, USA
  3. Kate White:  Director – Education at APPPAH, USA
  4. Shivakumar Belavadi: Member of the Board, APPPAH and Mentor at Omnio Future, Bangalore, India
  5. Larissa Sanchez: Douala & Chief Mentor, Temple Of PEACE, Brazil


The topics will cover a range of information and PPN sciences which will be relevant for children in the highly sensitive and formative teenage years.  The speakers will highlight the following content in the course of their talks :

  1. Global Awareness of PPNE
  2. What Makes Me – “Me”? 
  3. Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy
  4. Fertility Awareness 
  5. Miracles seen in Childbirth with PPN knowledge
  6. Beginning of Parenting
  7. Where is further guidance available and what children could do today.

(f) Format and Duration of the talks

The talks will be delivered in an Online Webinar Format for about 2 hours between 10 AM and 12.30 PM on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019. School children would assemble in their regular Audio-Visual rooms/centres at school or where such arrangements have been made within the school premises. The school will login online to the webinar, where the speakers will be covering various topics.  Using multiple screens / big screen / projector will help the children get a better understanding.

(g) Benefits to the Students and School

It has been noticed by us that these talks are beneficial in many ways for the students between the ages of 12 and 16. The students acquire a clear edge in three dimensions:

  1. A much better understanding of who they are and their present states. You will appreciate that the Role-Identity crisis which arises in this duration, needs to be addressed with finesse and depth at the same time.
  2.  A more empathetic approach in relationships with their parents and family members.
  3. A definitive appreciation of the sacredness and sanctity while viewing the reproductive process and their personal capabilities.

Benefits accruing to your School, in addition to the above, includes:

  • Organizing an empowerment session for students, who will be parents tomorrow
  • Helping your teenage children better equip themselves during their formative years
  • Spreading social awareness of the role and necessity PPN sciences – i.e. what happens during the earliest periods of life of including pregnancy and infancy
  • Gain the most modern and authoritative perspective of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting from internationally reputed speakers at no cost

(h) What your school needs to do

  1. Assemble your students/children in your auditorium /Audio-Visual rooms. Recommended age group – 12 to 18 years (grade 7 to grade 12).
  2. Keep ready AV equipment or organise it in your premises –  Screens, Projectors, Mike/Speakers for the children to view and hear the talks
  3. Organise a WIFI link with sufficient bandwidth (recommended 50 mbps) to login to the Webinar on

We would be happy to give any other information you may need in this connection.

  1. Please visit Omnio Future website –;  or
  2. Send us an email – with the caption “ OMNIO TALK PPN JAN 22, 2018” in the subject line;  or
  3. Send us your question on Whats App   +91 8105 352 452 or +91 8105 722 760

We look forward in partnering with you to empower your children and help your institution gain a leading edge as a socially aware and caring organization which truly prepares their children for their lives beyond school years.

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