Omnio Future Academy

The Light of Knowledge keeps us going!! In a world that is changing rapidly with new challenges, new technology and new ways in which we live and breathe, it is this Light of Knowledge that keeps us going. It enlightens on Who We Are, on What our Family & Children Need. It shows the Way to a Bright Promising Future.

And the Light that shines the brightest is the Light from Within!! It’s not a surprise that, all around the world, Consciousness Studies and Spiritual Sciences are the paving the way of the Future. Our Rishis in their infinite compassion and wisdom, had laid the foundation of Consciousness Studies in the Knowledge of Arsha Bharata. This foundation of Ancient Wisdom blended with the Latest Research in Modern Sciences is what gives Omnio Future, it’s birth!!

Welcome to Omnio Future Academy. We are an organization that works in the field of Education and Learning. We have Babaji Shri Shivakumar Shivanetra as our Founder, Mentor and Guide who is also the founder of Omnio Future.

Omnio Future’s approach has been to distil the Wisdom from 20500 verses of The Vedas and combine it with the Latest Developments in Modern Science.

Since its establishment, Omnio Future has grown exponentially and provided Courses, Programs and Learning Opportunities to Parents and Children across the spectrum of ages and across the global diaspora. Our Flagship Programs have spanned from Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Infancy to Early Childhood and Childhood and going right upto Adulthood.

Omnio Future Academy continues to empower parents and children with an ever-expanding reach of its programs. To Know More, Click on “Offerings”

Our Founder

Omnio Future is mentored by Shri. Shivakumar Shivanetra, or Babaji as we all lovingly call him.

Babaji is a & certified Pre-Natal & Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) and Member of APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health), A “Jyothisha Acharya”; Practitioner and Mentor for Shaktha Jyothisha, he has developed a Methodology for remediation, fostering peace, tranquillity and prosperity called “LAHARI”.

He has also authored books on prenatal sciences named “Abhimanyu Effect” and “Aparajith – Undefeatable Power of Gurukulam”

He is now a full time Prenatal Educator and Counsellor who has mentored & guided many pregnant couples, parents, children and adults. He has also formulated a Unique Academic and career Planning Module for Students.

He holds B. Com (Hons), LLB and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London and Insurance Institute of India. He has held executive roles in multiple national and multinational insurance companies such as Oriental Insurance, Tata AIG General Insurance Company, MetLife, SwissRe and to retire as CEO at UnitedHealthcare.

He served as an active member on committees of trade bodies like CII and FICCI, member of prestigious clubs including Bangalore Golf Club and Hockey club, a golfer and awarded Theatre Person and an Actor.

He is currently a member of the Insurance Advisory Committee of IRDAI – The Apex Insurance Regulatory body for India. He is also chief Administrative Officer of United Healthcare Parekh TPA, Mumbai.

Our Vision

Utthishtha Bharata is the Vision that drives us.

Utthishtha Bharata is a Bharata of Empowered Children who are raised by Empowered Parents in an Empowered Society.

It is a Bharata where the most powerful education system of Gurukulam is brought alive to enhance the Learning Potential of our Children.

Our Vision blends Ancient Wisdom with Modern Sciences to make Life Purposeful, Useful and Productive through Holistic Knowledge. 

Our Team

We grow everyday, as like-minded people join the vision and work of Omnio Future Academy.

Our team is a diverse mix of curriculum developers, content creators, child psychologists, cultural mentors, scientific practitioners, marketers, teachers, facilitators, coaches and above all our students.

The efforts of this team are to expand the reach of our programs to more and more students and help them enhance their learning potential throughout the process of education.

Inspired and enriched by the teachings of Shivanetra Lineage, the Omnio Future team is headed by Babaji Shivakumar Shivanetra.

The team is spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, San Francisco, Brazil, Delhi and growing.