Our Work

  • Omnio Future – A platform for sharing of knowledge with a blend of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Sciences

  • Sources – Ancient Scriptures of Bharatha and works of Rishis including the Shivanetra Lineage / Parampara

  • Evolution

    1. Started off as a ‘Congregation of a Few’

    2. Evolves into programmes and packages for seekers, practitioners and professionals

    3. Brick and mortar centres for learning across cities

    4. Wide online reach

    5. Presence in national and international fairs, programmes, exhibition

    6. Association with like minded national and international organisations like APPPAH and HeartMath Institute – USA

    7. Academy for Spiritual Sciences

  • Programmes spanning across the Life Spectrum of a person through Education, Parenting, Mentoring, Self-Development, Enhancing Personal and Professional skills etc

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