Pre-Parenting is truly Prepare(nting). This phase includes the stages of Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy of the child when parents make a great contribution as co – creators.

It is at this phase that the seeds to the relationship between parent and child are sown.

Omnio Future academy pioneers in the area of Pre & Perinatal sciences based courses to empower parents to be through guidance, educational programs and spiritual programs and practices in the most important phase of the human life which is also the reason why it is called the GOLDEN PERIOD OF LIFE


Prenatal Education is the stage from womb to cradle where the focus is on laying the foundation for the human being and Infant Education focuses on the infancy stage from cradle to the feet where the focus is in laying the foundation to being human. It is the second part of the foundation building of a human being. Infancy is the transition stage between the mother’s womb to the world when the truth is the child is being nurtured in Mother Nature’s womb. Indeed, if Prenatal education is akin to theory classes, then Infant education is the practical side of it. 


Blessing Before Birth – Infancy Program: Focuses on providing deep understanding on the origins of human being, the influences of planets, parents, family, ecosystem, society on formation of a child from the time of conception. A program that helps parents improve the child’s learning potential, holistic development and prepare them or the life ahead.

Golden Period Educator Program: Omnio Future also offers training programs for individuals who are interested in becoming a certified Golden Period Educator to help parents/couple with the knowledge and activities that will help facilitate the right inputs to the child during the super learning period.