Omnio Future Academy offers a wide range of courses across the following areas:

  • Pre-requisite Course
    • Basic Foundation Course,
  • Gurukulam for Children:
    • Early Childhood Education: for Parents and for Children
    • Childhood to Young Adulthood Courses for Children
  • Gurukulam for Parents:
    • Womb Sciences: Preconception, Pregnancy, Infancy
    • Parent Empowerment Courses for Parents with children from 2-18 years
  • Self Empowerment Courses:
    • On Learning through Itihasas: Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata
    • Omnio Heart: Bringing the Power of Heart Intelligence in everyday life
    • Shaktha Jyotisha
  • Careers in Education:
    • Spiritual Psychology of Child Development
    • Aparajita: the Essence of Gurukulam Education
    • Omnio Learning Educators Program

These courses are delivered through both the ONLINE MEDIUM as well as IN PERSON WORKSHOPS/CLASSES, depending on the requirement and design of the course.

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