True spiritual seeking begins on the foundations of understanding “My Self” The seekers can begin the process at the Basic Level and then progress to the Advanced Level. Basic level takes the learners through a comprehensive understanding of their Human Construct and the various causative, operating and influencing factors.  The Advanced level progresses into a deeper understanding and making a beginning with tools and techniques for holistic living. 


Early Life of a Human being creates the learning and operating mechanisms in life. This begins well before physical conception, carrying on through the journey in the womb and then creating a defining paradigm in infancy and early childhood.

Educators have the options of learning and and starting their practice in the Preconception, Pregnancy , Infancy and Early Childhood periods of life;  and thus empowering parents and children in the most defining period of life. The systematic programs offered are as follows :

A. PPI [ Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy] 

  1. Omnio Prenatal Educator
  2. Omnio Infant Educator
  3. Garbha Jyothi Guide
  4. Garbha Graahika
  5. Blessing Before Birth


  1. Bala Jyothi Guide
  2. Conscious Mindfulness
  3. Abhyutsmi Educators
  4. Omnio Learning


  1. Omnio Parenting Guide
  2. Omnio Career Guide
  3. Omnio Educator and Therapist
  4. Gurukulam Mentor


Parenting as a holistic practice begins even before the birth of a child !

Omnio Parenting programs hand-holds parents through a thorough understanding and enables them to take up child empowerment practices through the life stages of preconception, conception, pregnancy and infancy. These combine to form the most formative ” Golden Period” of life of the child-individual and defines the foundational patterns of life that manifest subsequently during childhood, teenage and adulthood. 

Take your first steps in empowering your child through the following programs :

A. PPI [ Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy] 

  1. Omnio Preconception Program
  2. Omnio Pregnancy Program
  3. Omnio Infancy Program
  4. Milestone Mantra
  5. Pregnancy Counselling
  6. Omnio Math Prenatal
  7. Omnio Math Infant
  8. Omnio Science Prenatal
  9. Omnio Science Infant
  10. Omnio Creativity Prenatal
  11. Omnio Creativity Infant
  12. OM Garbha


  1. NCLB – No Child Left Behind
  2. Parent Mirror
  3. Special Needs Parent Counselling
  4. Child Empowerment Program


  1. Omnio Parenting
  2. Poshaka
  3. Home Schooling Parents 
  4. Career Guidance


Spiritual Sciences of Bharata  combine  knowledge with tools and techniques. These are practices which lead a an awareness of the higher potential human beings are endowed with as a part of their basic design. Self Development is the first level goal which could also pave the way to becoming a Guide for others in their lives.

  1. Lahari
  2. Revathi
  3. Udbhaavana
  4. Kundalini
  5. Hrudaya
  6. Sri Rathna
  7. Herbal Therapy
  8. Shakta Jyothishi
  9. Spiritual Psychology
  10. Ontological Coach



Parents and Educators are offered the following programs to give them a preliminary understanding  of their roles, functions and an appreciation of how to work with children. These programs are meant to be an eye opener to the vast creative potential parents and children innately possess. This is a quick way of starting a journey of ” Knowing Your Child” and how to engage with children in the course of upbringing.

  1. Basic Concepts – Knowing, Understanding , Learning
  2. Basics of Instinctive Parenting
  3. Binomial Relations
  4. Instinctive Vs Intentional Parenting
  5. Puranans – Parent-Child Stories
  6. Infant Learning 
  7. Samkaras and Parenting


Prajnamala is a bouquet of short programs which enable people to live a more meaningful life.  The understanding in these programs paves the way for combining the transactional and spiritual perspectives. The seeming dichotomy is fused in a simple but effective manner.

The programs cover various aspects of life and how knowledge and practice could empower one and all to make their lives purposeful and holistic.

  1. Nithya Kavacha
  2. Nithya Samvruddhi
  3. Nithya Jyothisha
  4. Nithya Arogya
  5. Nithya Poshana
  6. Nithya Vyavasaaya
  7. Nithya Vijaya
  8. Nithya Pooja
  9. Nithya Dhyaana
  10. Nithya Sampradaaya
  11. Nithya Jeevana Vidhi
  12. Nithya Chinthana
  13. Nithya Aahaara
  14. Nithya Aayana
  15. Nithya Karma
  16. Nithya Japa
  17. Gruhastha – Gruhini
  18. Garbhodaya
  19. Teerthayatra
  20. Antyeshti 
  21. Punarjanma


Surya or Sun is the inner light and energy which opens the hearts of individuals to higher learning. The following programs are periodically offered on Sundays for the benefit of seekers. 

  1. Education – Tree of Knowledge
  2. Home Education in Early Childhood  (2 To 8 Years)
  3. Introduction to Infant Education (0 To 3 Years)
  4. Onset of Adolescence
  5. Hidden Superpower of India – Our Learning Potential
  6. Mystical Human Mind
  7. Story of Me
  8. Power of Human Emotions
  9. Heart Power App for A Better Life 
  10. Parenting Superpower
  11. Educating Your Child – Options and Choices
  12. Beyond Information and Knowledge to Wisdom!
  13.  I Just Can’t Meditate
  14. The Power of Colours
  15. Human Subconscious
  16. Visiting the Mind
  17. Manifesting Wealth
  18. Who or What Controls My Life


SMART Pregnancy covers a unique introduction to a baby’s in-utero learning abilities during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers and fathers are introduced to the empowerment opportunities during pregnancy in seven modules. These modules have been delivered through workshops at OBGYN centres/ maternity Hospitals by the trained team at Omnio Future. The same are available now as online sessions. 

  • Babies perception and response to sound in the womb
  • In utero experience of Visual Maths
  • Babies perception and response to colours
  • Reading to a child in the womb
  • Art during pregnancy
  • Breast feeding, physical bonding and spiritual perspective
  • Using Mudras during pregnancy