Introduction to Omnio Learning:

Built on the Foundations of Indic Education Framework

Education is the facilitation of learning. Teaching can be prepared and executed. But Learning is an occurrence – one that has its seat in the heart and its formation in the subconscious itself. The expressions of these happen in the intellectual, mental, emotional and physical faculties.

The Gurukulam System of education is the most scientific method of empowering a child, to live life to the fullest, contribute to the world and enhance their self potential. The Gurukulam system is able to achieve this because of its powerful heart based subconscious learning facilitation!!

As the World is evolving, parents and educators are revisiting the purpose and processes of education. Gurukulam System comes in with the ultimate solutions for the situations we face.

Omnio Learning Curriculum combines the power of Quantum Learning and Gurukulam Education.

Quantum Learning points to the possibility, that potential to learn, which lies in each of us. The maximum potential that we can reach is a good thing to aim for. At the end of the day, that’s exactly what we want for our children. When that happens then we reach a good place. We seem to have a natural feeling to go towards that perfection. Awakening the possibility of maximum absorption within us is called Quantum Learning.

The younger the learner, the more impressionable he or she is. That is why during the nine months of pregnancy the child can learn from the mother’s mind while still inside the womb. Quantum Learning starts here and continues all through Infancy, Early Childhood up to Adulthood.

Courses offered by Omnio Future Academy are built on the Foundation of Omnio Learning Curriculum.


Omnio Future Academy is an organization that works in the field of Education and Learning. As our Mentors, we have Babaji Shri Shivakumar Belavadi, who is also the founder of Omnio Future.

Omnio Future’s approach has been to blend Ancient Wisdom of Arsha Bharata with the Latest Scientific Research.

Since its establishment, Omnio Future has grown exponentially and provided Courses, Programs and Learning Opportunities to Parents and Children across the spectrum of ages, across the global diaspora. Our Flagship Programs have spanned from Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Infancy to Early Childhood and Childhood and going right upto Adulthood.

Omnio Future Academy continues to empower parents and children with an ever-expanding reach of its programs.


The Online Gurukulam is the manifestation of the Omnio Learning Curriculum in its complete digital avatar.

The Knowledge and Wisdom of the 20500 verses of the Vedas along with the Latest Developments in Modern Sciences are brought alive and delivered through the Online Medium. It reaches out to parents and children in India and the world over.

The pedagogy of the Omnio Future Academy’s Online Gurukulam involves Parent & Child Empowerment and a Holistic Curriculum that focusses on enhancing the learning potential of the child. The curriculum is customized as per the different stages of Childhood Development. It is a combination of:

  • Knowledge Based Learning,
  • Activities/Practises and Skill Based Learning


The world around us is changing faster than ever!! It is evident in the new generation of children who seek understanding and explanation like never before. Education cannot be just about information transfer. It is necessary that these facts are threaded together and connected with the Self-Awareness of the child. Only then will it be possible to apply what is learnt into what is thought and lived.

As per Forbes study on Future Careers, over 70% of the jobs in 2030 are not even created yet. When these children start their Careers in 5-15 years, they need to be ready with Essential Skills of the Future which are Collaboration, Creativity, Creative Thinking and Communication. There is a crying need to follow a curriculum that enhances the child’s learning potential.

Omnio Learning Curriculum:

  • Focusses on Connecting Self-Awareness with what is learnt externally
  • Helps to Enhance Learning Potential
  • Brings together Quantum Learning and Gurukulam Education
  • Can be taken as an Alternative Education Process
  • Offered as an After-School Process
  • Supports Home-Schooling
  • Nurtures both the Personality and Individuality of the Child

Omnio Learning Curriculum is designed for the Generation of the Future!!



Omnio Future Academy’s Online Gurukulam is structured into 4 Age Groups, basis the learning requirements of the Child.


For Parents with Children in the age group of 2-6 years

This is a critical learning phase for the Child. Omnio Learning Curriculum (OLC) focus is on Core Concepts of Human Construct and Subconscious Learning to Omnio Math, Omnio Science and Omnio Creativity.


For Parents with Children in the age group of 7-10 years

Children in this age group have stepped into the phase of learning where it is important for us, as educators, to provide them learning both about the world inside and the world outside. Foundation Stage focuses on the entire spectrum from Self Knowledge to World Studies.


For Children in the age group of 11-14 years

Omnio Learning Curriculum (OLC) focuses on Advanced Core Concepts of understanding yourself and human sciences. It also steps up to include the latest developments in Modern Sciences like Quantum Mechanics, Big History Project, Biology of Belief, etc.


For Children in the age group of 15-18 years

Finishing stage focuses on getting the student ready to step into the world outside and manifest their success. Course focus is on Leadership, Communication and Future Careers. Skills that are enhanced are the Essential Skills of Future Jobs: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity.


Course is structured into 44 Weeks of Learning, wherein each week there is a Focus Topic for:

  • Knowledge Based Learning
  • Activities, Skills and Worksheets
  • Practises

All Years are divided into 3 Key Pillars of Learning: LIFE. LOVE. LIVE.

  • “Life” Pillar focusses on Knowledge from both Ancient India to Modern Sciences.
  • “Love” Pillar focusses on facilitating learning through Activities, Skills, Mandalas, etc
  • “Live” Pillar focusses on using Visual Media, Stories, Maths, Sciences and Crafts to enhance child’s learning potential.


  • Academic Year at Omnio Future Academy has 4 Quarters. Every Quarter will have 11 weeks of Study followed by 2 Weeks of Break.
  • Omnio Learning Curriculum is designed for Self-Paced Learning, which means that the student can progress at any rate.


Online Gurukulam uses over 25 years of experience in creating the Course Content and then delivers it effectively through the medium of:

  • ONLINE PLATFORM: Full Access to All Omnio Future Content specific to the student’s age group
  • Audio/Video Recordings of Sessions
  • Live Online Classes
  • Live Interaction and Query sessions for Parents and Kids
  • Activity Details, Worksheets, Audiobooks every month
  • Career Guidance and training for senior students


There are 3 Admission Options for Parents and Children:

1. Full Time School: Temple of Excellence is a Fully-Functional Flagship Centre of Omnio Future Academy based in Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore. Your child can be enrolled in the physical centre and attend the full time program from 10 to 6 PM. Our trained facilitators conduct the entire curriculum with the child. (Details in the Section on Temple of Excellence)

2. Online Gurukulam: As an After-School Course for Children already going to Regular Schools:

– Your child can continue in their Current School and join the Online Gurukulam to enhance their learning potential.

– Curriculum will be delivered through the Online Medium of Live Online Classes, Audio/Video Recordings, Activities, etc.

– Parent’s take on the role as Educators. All materials and actions are planned between Omnio Future Academy and the Registered Parents, who in turn practise and train their children.

– It is Self-Paced Learning hence you can time it as per your convenience.

3. Online Gurukulam: For Home-Schooling / Alt-Ed Parents & Children:

– Your child continues to be home-schooled

– Online Gurukulam supports their learning and development through Online Courses.

– When you enrol, you get full- access to the Online Gurukulam Courses, Activities and Live Sessions for that age-group


Milestone ProgramAdmissions for Children in the Age Group ofAdmission Pre-requisiteCourse StructureTotal Program Fees (Paid One Time at the Start)
FIRST STEPS (F1)2-6 yrsParent Educator Training of 50 hours has to be completed16 modules2 lacs (including GST)
FOUNDATION (F2)7-10 yrsParent Educator Training of 50 hours has to be completed16 modules2 lacs (including GST)
FORMATION (F3)11-14 yrsBasic Foundation course of 14 hours by the Parent in first 2 months16 modules2 lacs (including GST)
FINISHING STEPS (F4)15-18 yrsBasic Foundation course of 14 hours by the Parent in first 2 months16 modules2 lacs (including GST)

Course Fees is a One-Time Fees to be paid at the start of program in the name of “Omnio Future Academy” 

This amount includes the online access to course content during the program.

Expenditure on material for doing the activity, outside online subscriptions, optional programs are not included in this.


In the Gurukulam system, the students are educated in such a way that success is already accomplished by the time their formal education is completed. Thereafter, the students went to the world and manifested their abundance. This has been a cornerstone of Gurukulam Education.

The Sowparnika Gurukulam is a physical centre of the Omnio Future Academy in Bangalore. Here are some of the Student Profiles and their Interests of Study:

Raiva Rohini is a Educator and Mandala Specialist who has re-envisioned the Chaturshashti Kalas of Bharatha. She has designed a course called “Revathi” which teaches the use of Sacred Geometry in the fields of Business, Education and Self-Learning.

Nimisha Goyal is an aspiring sound engineer and working on creating classes to teach children through Visual Media and Technology.

Mehul Goyal is has completed his Diploma on Quantum Activism and is working on creating Omnio Maths and Omnio Science curriculum for children of all age groups.

Sohali Mishra holds an International Diploma in Storytelling and has just authored her first book “The Truth Untold” at the age of 14. Skanda Nayan is a Game Designer and Thinker who is working on Omnio Crafts which teaches the essential Future Skills of Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking through Games.