• A functioning online Gurukulam !

  • An online learning platform for children, students and adults !

  • Combines Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology.

  • A meaningful mix of Live and Recorded sessions! Parents and children – both benefit.

  • At all stages of life – from the basic level for beginners to advanced levels for practitioners, based on need and situations

  • Types of courses

    1. Early period Life Education – Preconception and Pregnancy Programmes for couples/parents. A need vouched for by United Nations, WHO and major organisations endorse early period interventions as a need for human beings

    2. Parenting coaching and guidance

    3. Adult learners wanting to pick up skills, learn and practice as a vocation

    4. Learning curriculum for Home Schoolers

    5. Covering student life stage completely – K12 life stages – including guidance on secondary and senior secondary certifications via NIOS , a body of Government of India

    6. Holistic and supplemental learning platform for regular school going children !

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