1. OMNIO TALKS – We organize talks on varied subjects by eminent speakers …. the focus remaining on empowerment through a blend of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Sciences. People benefit from a holistic and dynamic perspective on a range of topics – for example: the Power of Temples of Bharata, Mandala Art, Indic Knowledge, Education and History. The talks are open to public and are offered free of charge and convenient physical locations or as webinars using the internet.

Click here to access recordings of past talks 

2.SMART PREGNANCY SERIES in Hospitals (OBGYN departments)

SMART Pregnancy covers a unique introduction to a baby’s in-utero learning abilities during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers and fathers are introduced to the empowerment opportunities during pregnancy in seven modules.

  • Babies perception and response to sound in the womb
  • Inutero experience of Visual Maths
  • Babies perception and response to colours
  • Reading to a child in the womb
  • Art during pregnancy
  • Breast feeding, physical bonding and spiritual perspective
  • Using Mudras during pregnancy

The audio-visual and hands on experiences/activities are cherished by parents and is a unique value addition to hospitals/nursing homes desiring to give more to their patients.

 3. OMNIOHEART – Hrudaya

Omnio Heart offers a deep understanding of the holistic power of Heart combining scientific and spiritual perspectives. The ancient wisdom is replete with the knowledge of the heart and how it functions at the core in human beings. Apart from being an energy centre, neurocardiology has demonstrated the unique intuitive and balancing power of the heart.

Hrudaya is a comprehensive program offering the holistic knowledge of the human heart and the techniques available for self-empowerment and guidance. It blends the technology developed by HeartMath Institute for measurement and self-evaluation. The program has application for individuals, groups and corporates. 


The “Math” in Omnio Math stands for Mathetics – which is the science of Learning. Learning potential can be enhanced through mathematics, if delivered and received in an empowering and holistic manner. Mathematics is the knowledge crystallising the abstract into a human dimension. Math is not just an academic subject or discipline but a potent tool for self awareness and development.

 Use Omnio Math to

  • Help your child increase the aptitude for math and overcome the ‘fear’ associated with Mathematics.
  • Enhance overall learning potential through mathematics , and thereby help your child become an all rounder in other subjects
  • As a pregnant mother, to build learning potential of babies in the womb. Jewish mothers in Israel are stated to engage in solving math problems and puzzles to build a higher IQ for their child!
  • To improve your own understanding of Mathematics and become a better individual.


Omnio Future implements a curriculum and delivery methodology for education of children in the underprivileged sections of the society. This includes:

Garbha Jyoti – For the child in the Womb

Shishu Jyoti – For infants from 0 to 2 years of age

Bala Jyoti – For early childhood education 2 to 6 years

Our Senior Gurukulam students and a few volunteers have taken up the initiative to start a model Jyoti Gurukulam at Bangalore. We hope to involve more organisations and participants who can carry this wonderful work across Bharata !!!