Omnio Future Educational Practitioners are torchbearers who engage with Parents. They take the parents through a unique journey which enables a unique energy manifestation process to empower a child in the womb of the mother or thereafter in the womb of ‘Mother Nature’ in the course of infancy. They enhance learning potential and help in prevention/mitigation of Learning Difficulties, Disabilities and Disorders through early childhood and help a child to nurture its own potential. Omnio Future Educational Practitioners are trained in the knowledge and practices which seamlessly facilitate development. Practitioners are trained and guided in a systematic manner.



The training and guidance sessions will be personally conducted by Shivakumar  Babaji. He is well known in India and has a community of students following in India, USA, Brazil and Australia. Babaji is a Master in the Shivanetra Lineage. He is also a qualified PPNE from APPPAH and an HMCT.


The training sessions will be conducted live using online platform of ZOOM ( ). A trainee will need to login during the session hours as per the schedule given above. The sessions will start and finish exactly on time. A trainee has to take part in all the sessions for that level. Attendance is compulsory for completing the course.Eligibility for subsequent stages is based only upon satisfactory completion of prerequisites. Zoom is an interactive platform which also provides for questions to be asked and clarifications to be given.


The training will be in English language only. Participants may seek clarifications or ask questions in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam,Oriya, Gujarati, Marathi languages.  All answers will be provided in English. Translation will be provided for Sanskrit words, phrases or verses where used as may be needed.

Essential Infrastructure Needed

Trainees will need to have a laptop/computer with audio/video utilities along with a stable Wifi connection. The ZOOM platform is freely downloadable without any payment ( .  A meeting invitation will be sent via email to trainees and a trainee simply logs in by clicking on the invitation for every session. Use of headphones is advised.

The sessions are conveniently scheduled for early mornings or late evenings.  This has been prepared keeping in mind the pre-existing professional occupations and personal needs of trainees.


  1. Certificate: A Certificate of Completion issued by Omnio Future, India upon completion of a particular level of training.
  2. Vocation Options:An empowered Omnio Educator (with Certification), is authorised to take up the respective OMNIO FUTURE Educational Programs with parents-to-be in their location. They can conduct sessions with parents using the Kits /materials provided by Omnio Future.
  3. Omnio Heart is a value addition program to all of the above programs. Certified Omnio Educators can procure this technology and enhance their offerings to parents. Introduction to Heart Intelligence is included as a part of the Basic Course. Technical training will be provided on request.
  4. Participants completing all four certifications (OPE,OIE, OET and OBBB) and Purchasing Omnio Heart are eligible to apply for starting Omnio Learning Centres in their locations. The terms of engagement will be based on the location.
  5. Self-Knowledge:  Personal life-empowerment for the practitioner.
  6. Continuing Personal Improvement: Practitioners will be given periodic knowledge and training on updates of the program.


As already mentioned the methodology is a unique combination of ancient wisdom of India and the modern sciences.

  • Persons who wish to take up the vocation of Pregnancy and Preconception Guidance for parents. Practising Doctors, Nurses, Yoga and Physical Instructors, Doulas, Educators and Housewives will find this a unique addition to their skills and knowledge. The program ultimately facilitates the holistic empowerment of a child in the womb (during pregnancy) or yet-to-be conceived.It is a vocational opportunity for those who wish to begin at the very beginning of life! 
  • Persons who wish to take up the vocation of Infancy and Early Childhood Education.This program will widen the awareness of existing practitioners like Doctors,Teachers, Educators and Health Professionals who are already in education or practice.
  • Teachers and Educators working in the fields of Learning Disorders and Difficulties –This program will help them to create awareness and prevent risks of Learning Disorders and Childhood Disorders like ADD, ADHD and such other Autism Spectrum disorders.
  • Adults(above 18 years age): Those who take up Omnio Education Practice Program will find this a unique way of spiritual Self-development. It would be a good addition to their knowledge and practice kit and also serve as a vocation option at their choice at any time.
  • Parents– Parents who wish to take this up for their personal use will also find it useful. At any stage of their life, they could begin to spread the practice for the benefit of other parents in the childbearing age.

Charges : Rs. 35,000 /-  + [Taxes {including GST} as applicable] : [including prerequisite KYS Course]

Note: Only serious aspirants, practitioners, parents / students are encouraged to apply