Temple Of Learning is a functional Online Gurukulam that conducts classes for children at all stages of development – from the time parents plan conception to their graduation age. TOL follows the Oneness Curriculum developed by Omnio Future and includes within its scope the requirements of academic certification as followed by the NIOS Board.  The classification of learners is not based upon age – on a year to year basis. Learners can enrol according to the Sanskara category. Involvement of parents in the process of education is mandatory and this varies in each Sanskara category. 

Each learner at the TOL Gurukulam has a direct interaction with a Guru [Mentor] and a Shikshaka [Facilitator]. Classes are delivered through live sessions online and are periodically available as recordings for limited time. Assignments and projects are guided by facilitators who also help keep tab of the learners’ progress. The system is based on open learning with flexibility for both the mentor and the learner. Though the topics are charted in the curriculum, the method, scope and depth of each topic is dynamic and depends on the energy confluence of the class. 


This category of learners are in the most potential stages of development. Education begins before birth and the learning potential of a child is established during this stage of life – prior to conception and during the womb journey.  Garbha Sanskara is further classified into two parts – Preconception and Prenatal.

Methodology : Props and packages developed by Omnio Future, Knowledge sessions, introduction to practices and usage guidance for the props provided, follow ups and discussions and personal mentoring.


Couples planning to conceive a child can join the Gurukulam to learn how they can invite a child into their lives. The classes are directed towards metaphysical, educational and spiritual empowerment thus laying strong foundations for parenting and a gracious beginning for the child. 

Curriculum : Seven Rhythms of energy communication, Psychocosmograms, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sounds, Colour Therapy, Narration Sciences, Epigenetic Immersions , Pancha Tattva Invocation, Chakra energy harnessing, Art Therapy, Active Meditation 

Charges : Rs.35,000 /- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable]


Expecting parents can join the Gurukulam on behalf of their baby in the womb, at any stage of pregnancy. The prenatal education programmes cover empowerment for the parents as well as direct subconscious learning for the prenate child. 7 Developmental Areas [ Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Sensorial, Creative, Spiritual and Devotional]

Curriculum : Music Therapy, In utero Reading, In utero communication, Omnio Math, Omnio Creativity, Omnio Science, WOMB [World Of My Baby] workshops and activities, Seven Rhythms of energy communication, Psychocosmograms, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sounds, Colour Therapy, Narration Sciences, Epigenetic Immersions , Pancha Tattva Invocation, Chakra energy harnessing, Art Therapy, Active Meditation 

Charges : Rs.35,000 /- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable]


Garbha Sanskara and Shishu Sanskara collectively form the Golden Period of Human Life. This stage particularly covers the period of infancy – birth to 2 / 2.5/ 3 years of age. Parents of infants can join this level at the Gurukulam at any stage of infancy. However, it is highly recommended that parents involve in infant empowerment from the very instance of birth of their child.  Infancy is seen as the stage in the womb of Mother Nature and has significant influence on the rest of the child’s life. 

Methodology :

  1. Educating the Formative facets of an Infant : Subconscious programming through Sacred Geometry, Energy Psychology and Astro Sciences. 
  2. Educating the experiential facets of an Infant : 5 Domains of Infancy [Perceptual- Motor, Social – Emotional, Linguistic, Cognitive and Spiritual] are educated through 13 types of activities – Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Emotional Literacy, Numerical Foundation, Language Foundation, Sense of Hearing, Sense of Seeing, Sense of feeling, Sense of Tasting, Sense of Smelling, Hand Eye Coordination, Learning Potential, Values and behaviour. 


Each of these Sanskaras are representative of a development phase in an infant. Omnio Infant Education Curriculum and Omnio Cards methodology together provide for a golden opportunity to empower an infant and its parents during these subtle and powerful phases of life. 

Curriculum : Omnio Infant Education curriculum is specially built to nourish and enrich both the conscious as well as the subconscious elements of an infant. 108 classes that help the parents engage in meaningful techniques, observation methods and planning educational experiences. Guidance to create stimulating environments for infants. Age appropriate toys and play therapy. Educating Infants through Omnio Cards in – Omniology, Human Sciences, Affective Sciences, Subconscious Construct, Thinking Skills, Reasoning Skills, Psychology and Values

Duration and Charges : Rs.35,000 /- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable] annually


Early Childhood to pre-teenage is the age group between 2 and 11 years. This is the time when the conscious mind of a human being begins to develop. Children in this age group are “idea shoppers” and their spirit seeks simple answers to big questions. Intellectually they go through blooming and pruning vigorously. This stage needs inputs that relate to constructing a healthy and peaceful mind. The stage is divided into two parts – 2 to 6 years and 7 to 11 years.


The perfect time to introduce thinking skills and life skills foundations to a child . Parents can enrol for the Gurukulam and attend classes along with their children till they are prepared to be guided directly by the mentor. 

Duration and Charges :  Rs.60,000/- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable] annually


This Sanskara marks the beginning of spiritual education. This the time when a child needs to guided into the absolute and the transactional reality of its own existence. The involvement in the classes becomes independent of the parent and the child is allowed to explore questions about self, life, death and relationships. 

Duration and Charges : Rs.75,000/- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable] annually


This is the age group where a child needs to practise what is learnt as concepts in previous stages. The practise is mental, emotional, sensorial, observational and physical. The prerequisite is of a spiritual foundation. Children who join the Gurukulam in this stage will be first given an enforcement of spiritual concepts before they embark upon the techniques of implementation. This stage again is divided into two parts – Formation 12 to 15 years and Finishing 16 to 18 years


At this stage the parent performs the role of an objective observer or a guide. Children are introduced to Jnana of self knowledge and universal knowledge and the Tantra of living life in all their completeness. 

Duration and Charges : Rs. 1,00,000/- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable] annually


The Gurukulam creates successful individuals who are prepared in this finishing stages, to participate in society as contributors. Children are guided to meaningful roles in life, family, career and society. We prepare children for their qualifying exams at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels through the NIOS Board. TOL offers classes in humanities and guidance for children interested in sciences.

Duration and Charges : Rs. 1,25,000/- + [Taxes {including GST} as applicable] annually