AN ACADEMY OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCES – Ancient Wisdom is the Future of all Modern Sciences !!!

  • Omnio Future – An Academy of Spiritual Sciences

  • Across all stages of life and for every need in life !

  • Integrating Spiritual Life and Transactional Life – making it one Holistic experience !

  • Sample of courses combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Sciences

    1. Srimad Bhagavad Gita – an Ontological Coaching tool for Human Empowerment !

    2. Astro Psychology – appreciating the interplay of cosmological bodies and events with the human mind

    3. Revathi – Sciences of Mandalas and Yantras to extract the power of shapes, colours, patterns and sequences for human betterment in every walk of life

    4. Cosmology and Kundalini Psychology – the deeper dimensions of interconnectedness of human beings with cosmic bodies – self exploration through Grahas and Chakras

    5. Puranas for human empowerment – historical stories and simple messaging for the subconscious of mankind!

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