Who can use EMBED activities?

Omnio Future has taken up the cause of bringing together members of the society, aiming for a better future by empowering parents and future generations. We intend to achieve this by reaching out to at least a million babies through their parents.

EMPOWERING MILLION BABIES THROUGH EDUCATION ……..A social initiative of Omnio Future.
  • Prenatal and Perinatal education forms the foundation upon which the learning framework of a child gets constructed.
  • What happens in the critical period of Preconception, Pregnancy and Infancy defines the course of lifetime events for a Human Being.

Till recently, these facts were either less known or unknown. However, research and advancement in prenatal and perinatal sciences has brought forth a new understanding on learning and development of children. It is now established that the period of 1100 days [3 months before conception, 9 months of pregnancy and 2 years of infancy] forms the definition of life. A less known fact is that, these were common knowledge in ancient cultures and have been expounded in various scriptures. In present times, this awareness is a dire need for parents in particular and society in general.

Who can Participate in EMBED

  •         Couples or Single Parent in any term of pregnancy
  •         Parents of Infants up to 3 years of age
  •  Parents of couples in 1 
  •  Family members of couples in 1 
  •         Social Workers
  •         Educationists
  •         Supporters of the cause
  •         Anyone who wishes to participate in spreading the word
  • NGO/ Organisations or Individuals who wish to take up the programme for a group of 50 babies in their cities or towns.

How to use free resources of EMBED?

Prenatal education : Please go through the “PRENATAL EDUCATION ACTIVITIES” and “PRENATAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM” sections. You can start doing the activities depending on your present month of gestation. Follow the Video classes to get complete description of the activities. You can send us a message on +91 8105 352 452 to join our whatsapp prenatal helpline group and receive messages of guidance. We also conduct online sessions.

Infant education : Please go through the “Infancy” sections and plan your activity calendar. You can learn more about the spiritual wisdom of infancy and parenting at our you tube channel WORDS OF WISDOM. You can send us a message on +91 8105 722 760 to join our whatsapp group on infancy and parenting and receive audio classes.

Contact us any if you need help/ assistance / suggestions for props in your EMBED journey.

Do I need to enrol for the paid programmes and packages of Omnio Future?

All the essential elements of prenatal and infant education have been covered in the prenatal and infant education curriculum given freely in this website of EMBED Campaign. However, if you need a convenient and less time consuming alternative, you are free to opt for paid packages and programmes.

Either option calls for faith and dedication on your part. Omnio Future programmes are offered through our centres while the packages are DIY and can be used at home at your convenience. Guidance sessions and support is provided for the usage of props given in the packages.

Advanced packages come along with extensive guidance sessions and are suitable for couples who are looking for an intensive engagement with their baby in the womb/ to be invited into the womb.