What Started as a Program to help Parents and Children utilize their time to enhance their learning potential, has become a movement that got the Journey of Online Gurukulam started for Omnio Future and the hundreds of parents associated with it!!

So What is Teachable Moments?? Teachable Moments is Omnio Future’s Flagship Online Program which is an Entrypoint for All Parents to experience the power of Omnio Learning Curriculum. It is delivered as a Free Online Program that is open for All!!

How is it Designed?

The Teachable Moments Program is designed into three Age Groups:

1. Group A for 2-6 years old children

2. Group B for 7-11 years children

It spans a Duration of 30 days.

Contents of the 30 days are:

Vedantic Nyayas, Power of Heart Intelligence, Omnio Maths and Omnio Science for Group A & B, Subliminal Learning for Enhancing Learning Potential.

Mode of Delivery: Teachable Moments is a Free Online Program delivered through the medium of:

  • Audio/Video Recordings
  • Activity and Worksheets
  • Mandalas, Crafts and Practises

Who Can Attend?

Teachable Moments is a perfect program for Parents looking at starting a holistic education and flexible curriculum for their child. This program is the first step that gives them a good understanding and appreciation, as they enter the full-fledged Online Gurukulam Program at the Omnio Future Academy.