Omnio Heart has been crafted by Omnio Future Academy by bringing together:

–              Ancient of Wisdom of Hrudaya

–              Latest Advancements in Consciousness Studies around the World

–              Techniques from diverse fields of Neuro-cardiology, HeartMath, Potential Development, Psychology and more

Omnio Heart is a program designed for different aspects and diverse situations in Life.

1. Omnio Heart for Adults:

Understanding the concepts of Heart Intelligence, Power of the Spiritual Heart and building Resilience helps us live a complete and harmonious life.

It is applicable for:

–              Professionals in High Stress Roles: Build your resilience against stress and how you can perform at the most optimum level by bringing coherence and understanding of your heart power at all times

–              Parents: Conscious Parenting is greatly facilitated by being harmonious and aware of your emotions and thoughts. This helps both in terms of parenting crisis as well as pro-actively working with your children to bring out their complete potential.

–              Planning and Expecting Couples: Stages of Preconception and Pregnancy can be stressful. At the same time, working with a clear intention can make the process of preconception and pregnancy far more meaningful. Omnio Heart program works with couples in these stages to accomplish the same.

–              And for Everyone wanting to lead a harmonious life

2. Omnio Heart for Kids

From early childhood to teenage, it is an absolute imperative to build the heart intelligence and the ability in children to be centred in their everyday life, even more so during times of change.

Omnio Heart for Kids conducts workshops as well longer duration courses which:

–              Work with the Parents to understand and appreciate Heart Intelligence and its role in their Child’s Life

–              Work with the Children through specially crafted practices and activities to bring the powerful impact and benefits of heart intelligence and its harmonious functioning.