Temple Sciences

“Temple” and “Science” a combination of words that seem to be contrasting! Or Is it?

The notion of not relating Temple and Sciences could be for one of the two reasons.

  1. Not knowing that the teaching of science began from temples.
  2. Not understanding the Science behind every temple.

There are millions of temples in India or BHARATA of which some are new age and some or ancient. A lot of the temples are very well known for the Marvellous Architecture, The History behind the Temple or the Mystery Associated with it.

Be it the cave temples of Ajanta, Badami, Pattadakallu or the super grand temples of Kanchipuram, Tanjavur, Puri and Konark or the temples of Khajuraho, Kanyakumari, Hampi to name a few… each one of them is physical manifestation of knowledge as energy centres that was put in place for human empowerment some centuries ago that most modern architects, researchers, scientist & teachers take inspiration from.

We at Omnio Future know and believe the fact that our Kings, Emperors, Rishis & Gods themselves did not build these millions of fascinating temples at such large expanses of land, to such precision, to that glory for people to just sit and worship idols, but as centres to get community of people together for learning, knowledge and empowerment. In fact what is considered as worship itself is a deep metaphysical process and not mere supplication. Our Sanatana Sakshi Series is a tribute to the same!

One of the departments of Omnio Future Academy deals with decoding the science, history & the knowledge hidden in plain sight in the form of Temple of India, which is the “Department of Temple Sciences”

Bruhat Bharat Katha” is one of the projects of Omnio Future Academy’s Department of Temple Sciences where we, along with the students of our Gurukulam visit the temples of India and create awareness about each of these temples to all Bharateeyas who have been kept in the dark from this knowledge and made believe that temples were just fancy extravagance by our kings.

If you are either a believer or a sceptic who think otherwise, we invite you to join us on this marvellous journey of knowing, learning, evolving and appreciation of the vision and mission of SANATHANA & BHARATA the VISHWA GURU.