Sand holds memory!!! And Human Touch tags back to our innermost memories. When these two powers come together, great transformation and healing occurs! Udbhavana – a forgotten ancient science of Bharata harnesses these two giants – The Power of Sand and The Power of Touch !


Udbhavana is the process by which renewal and regeneration of latent creative energy is made possible. We are all aware that the Universe and the entire creation within, have been made from, through and by Energy. Underpinning the entire manifestation is the concept of fractalization which makes the uniqueness of existence, an experiential and often visible reality.

Presence and Origins

The practice of Udbhavana has esoteric roots. Various indigenous and native cultures across the world have always related to Nature in the most pristine form. There has been a palpable understanding of the elements and living with harmony was the simplest thing in observance. The soil of ancient Kalinga has given the practice of Udbhavana the highest pedestal through the powerful presence of an ever alive deity – Lord Jagannath (along with his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra). All three deities undergo periodic life renewal processes !

Across the western world and amongst indigenous cultures, this has been observed as the ‘Sand Tray’ practice. It has been popular and applies broad principles to dive deep into human consciousness and manifestation possibilities.

Basis for the Practice

At the core of the practice is the principle of fundamental elements or Tatvas. These are Akasha ( Ether), Vayu (Air), Teja ( Fire), Jala ( Water) and Pruthvi (Earth). The creation of the elements is in a particular order. There is an intricate play in the nature of energies  or Gunas viz. Satva, Rajas and Tamas, which make this possible.  The combined presence and operation of the Tatvas and Gunas lead to all manifestation from an arena of infinite possibilities !  While what is manifested is from Pruthvi or Earth, the true source is the Universe itself which contains the highest entropy energy potential.

Sand or earth, is our ground reality. When understood in its fullness, Sand carries tremendous potential and opportunities for creation. Time and events are inter-twined with Sand and deep memories vest within it.  Energies could be linked in both directions, from and to  Sand, and thus create possibilities and potential for enriching human life!

Udbhavana Practice

The practice is truly very simple, but highly powerful, intuitive and effective. It is used across the world as “Sand Tray”. However, Udbhavana is rooted in the essence of Bharateeya culture.

Practitioners use a tray of sand and place objects on the sand. All this is done under guidance of the Udbhavana Mentors. While there is a visible positioning of the objects, a deep subconscious story underpins the visible process. Many hidden possibilities and realities come to the surface. This becomes a new source of understanding for the practitioners. Therapeutic and healing practices may complement the practice for enhancing the results towards a purpose or desired result.