Highlights of the programme :

  1. Understanding basics of Prenatal Development
  2. Spiritual basis of education in the womb
  3. Simple and easy practices for development of the child in the womb
  4. Infant Development methods and practices

Who can take up this programme :

  1. Persons desiring to take to serving underprivileged sections of the society through earliest development phases of a child
  2. Anganwadi, ASHA , health and social workers
  3. NGOs and Non Profit organisations 
  4. Socially aware individuals

Duration :

20 hours ( 2 hours per day * 10 days)

Charges :

There are no charges for this course as this is a completely social initiative. However,  voluntary donations may be made by those who support the cause to the Shivanetra Trust – a non profit trust .

What do participants get :

  1. Certificate of Completion as a Garbha & Shishu Jyoti Mentor
  2. Guidance on taking up the practices in local areas