Highlights of the programme :

  1. An in-depth knowledge of the construct of a child, particularly in the age group of 2 to 6 years of age
  2. Training on how to use Omnio learning in early Childhood
  3. Understanding Learning Difficulties and their implications in a child’s life
  4. Using toys and educational props in an effective manner
  5. Building a dynamic curriculum and customising it for the use of early childhood education
  6. ABHYUTSMI system of Vedic Montessori – using Montessori materials in a manner that suits the Indian subconscious

Who can take up this programme :

  1. Teachers of preschools or those interested in a career as a preschool teacher
  2. Homeschooling parents of children in preschool age
  3. Seekers of vocational opportunity in alternative education
  4. Curriculum developers
  5. Vocational opportunity as LD Therapy [Learning Difficulty Therapy]

Duration : 40 hours [20 days * 2 hours]  + 40 hours [KYS course]

Prerequisite : KNOW YOUR SELF course

Charges : Rs. 50,000 /- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable] :  [Including prerequisite KYS course]

What do Certified participants get :

  2. Guidance in starting Omnio Learning Centre for early childhood education
  3. Guidance in starting a learning centre for LD Therapy