Highlights of the programme :

  • Learning the science of Mandalas
  • Introduction Sacred Geometry of ancient cultures
  • Practising and creating Mandalas for self evolution
  • Healing and growing with Mandalas
  • R – Reasoning Skills, E – Emotion Management, V – Virtues & Values, A – Affective Sciences, T – Thinking Skills, H – Heart Intelligence, I – Intentions
  • Course includes techniques of Coherence and Inner Balance/ Em Wave

Who can take up this programme :

  • Serious students above the age of 14
  • Artists who want to channelise their creative potential
  • Healers who want to include Mandalas in their practice
  • Those who want to learn active meditation through colours and shapes
  • Students who want to increase their concentration power and effectiveness in their education
  • Parents who want to guide their children to meditation

Duration :

1 year * 250 hours. Live Classes on weekdays. For those who cannot attend all the live classes, recordings will be made available for limited periods. They will also have to compulsorily attend the live interactions on weekends.  All participants will have to go through the prerequisite BL1 [Basic Level 1] course

Charges :

Rs.60,000/- +
[Taxes {including GST} as applicable] :  [Including prerequisite BL1 course]

What do participants get :

  1. Certificate of completion
  2. Guidance to vocational opportunities as Mandala artist/ practitioner
  3. Guidance to techniques of using Mandalas in education